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Dental Care

Does your pet suffer from bad breath or have you noticed a sudden decrease in his or her appetite? If so, your pet may be suffering from poor dental hygiene. The doctors and staff at Pet Hospitals are well-trained and equipped to handle all types of dental care that your pet may need. It is beneficial to keep your pet’s teeth and gums free and clear of plaque and tartar buildup because harmful bacteria can accumulate in your pet’s mouth and be passed into the bloodstream through a small cut in the gums or tongue. If this bacteria passes to the circulatory system, sepsis may set in and make your pet very ill..

Pet Hospitals in Petal and Hattiesburg, Mississippi can set up a dental examination and cleaning right away. Once your pet is on the way to a clean oral environment, our staff will educate you as the pet owner on how to clean your pet’s teeth, tongue and gums as well as what foods or treats are good for preventative care. Please call our clinic to set up your appointment today.