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We understand that sometimes keeping your pet clean can be a struggle. Your pet may fight you when trying to get them into the bathtub, nail trimming can be intimidating, and detangling your pets hair can be stressful.

At The Pet Hospitals, we are here to assist you by offering grooming services to your pet. Our compassionate and experienced groomers strive to provide care to your pet while making them feel as comfortable and stress free as possible. Our grooming services include bathing, hair and nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

Give us a call at 601-544-3290 to schedule your grooming appointment today!

Meet Our Groomer, Dannyelle Jordan!

Dannyelle is our wonderful pet stylist here at The Pet Hospitals. Dannyelle is a fur Mom to 2 standard poodles; Paris and Ruepert, and a sassy cat named Kippy. She has been grooming for 4 years and graduated grooming academy in 2017. She is passionate about creative grooming and strives to make grooming a positive experience for your pet.