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Dr. Christine Gibson

Dr. Christine Gibson is the owner and head veterinarian at Panther Pet Hospital in Petal.

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Dr. Christine Gibson, Hattiesburg and Petal Veterinarian

Fear Free Certified Professional

Dr. Christine Gibson

Dr. Gibson is the owner and head veterinarian at Panther Pet Hospital. She is a graduate of the Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine. She interned in small and exotic animal medicine and surgery in New York City and completed a residency in Clinical Pathology at NC State. Her interests include internal medicine and surgery, blood chemistry and hematology, senior pet medicine, and the diagnosis and treatment of cancer cases.

Dr. Gibson has recently incorporated integrative holistic medicine into her practice, becoming certified in Small Animal Chiropractic in 2013 and in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and food therapy in 2015.

Dr. Gibson most enjoys being a Veterinarian because no two days are ever the same. She loves that she gets to laugh daily and loves being able to help people and their pets.

Dr. Gibson says she is blessed that she’s able to work with her family, her two nieces Dr. Sarah Schraeder and Dr. Kate Lee are some associates at The Pet Hospitals.

Dr. Gibson has been married for 25 years to Joe Gibson, they have 4 children, 6 dogs, 4 cats, and a menagerie of farm animals. Her words to live by are “Never forget to show kindness to strangers; some in doing so have fed angels unaware.”

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